I love to do Pen and Ink drawings. It is my favorite medium, second only to oil painting, and there’s a reason for it. Actually, there’s more than one reason. It allows me to explore and enjoy what I call, a short-term commitment.

With oils, I must get into a serious, rather long-term relationship with a painting. A painting, once started, demands my time, my full attention, and it expects me to make compromises with the way I live, dress, even smell. A Pen and Ink drawing, on the other hand, fills in the gaps in my time. It waits patiently, until I remember to pick it up. It accompanies me everywhere – to the park, in the metro, into my bed – never demanding that I change anything!

And yet, despite all this, Pen and Ink art offers:

  • class
  • challenge
  • permanence
  • contrast
  • timelessness

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Pen and Ink Drawings by Shafali R. Anand