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An artist must think, as must those who appreciate art. Without thought art would cease to exist. Thought is primary, everything else in art is secondary, and that includes the skill to draw or the ability to mix colors.

Austrian Artist Gustav Klimt who was a symbolist painter once said, “Art is a line around your thoughts.” Thoughts must exist to be inscribed.

I cannot exist without thinking. As I think and I write those thoughts down, I become more of the artist that I want to be.


Vermeer – The forgotten artist rediscovered 200 years later.

Artists must prepare themselves for obscurity. They must practice their art for the satisfaction they derive from the process, or they’d have lived in vain. About Johannes Vermeer Johannes Vermeer, born 1632 – died 1675, had a short life of… Continue Reading →

Paul Cézzane – The Life Portrait of a French Artist

Master Cubist Picasso is believed to have said, “Paul Cézanne is the father of us all,” a line meant to state that Paul Cézanne was the original cubist. As we view Cézanne’s journey of life, we see him moving away… Continue Reading →

Rational Thought stays Silent – Merit vs. Mediocrity.

Rational thought stays silent as majority opinion screams out loud Merit lies low and sighs in exasperation while mediocrity howls and shouts The oppressed speak for the oppressor Rapists and murderers demand justice The drivers of progress are taken to… Continue Reading →

Van Gogh & Self-Portraiture – Reason and Reflection

Van Gogh perhaps did more self-portraits than any other artist in history. This Wikimedia page lists fourteen but there are forty-three drawings and paintings that he did of himself. (Rembrandt Van Rijn tops the list of self-portraits with about seventy-five.)… Continue Reading →

Portrait of Claude Monet and a Reflection.

Why some artistic connections transcend decades and centuries? As an artist, I connect with many artists spread across time and space. I’ve loved and admired the works of Claude Monet, James C. Christensen, James Bama, Norman Rockwell, Salvador Dali. Among… Continue Reading →

Through the Looking Glass called Time.

Time has a way of changing our perception. Each new day drops a bunch of fresh experiences into the brew of our schema and changes our interpretations. What we saw when we looked at a work of art five years… Continue Reading →

Art and the Context Effect

First, the story… I have a pair of vases that I had once bought for the Reception area of my office. The vases are pretty but they aren’t special or unique…in fact, there are many other vases that look just… Continue Reading →

Sometimes the core of your pain becomes the brush (Why “Re…” is not for Sale?)

If it shackles you, binds you, enthralls you, reaches deep within your chest to squeeze your heart – remember that none of it was designed to do what it did, because artists paint to express and not to impress. We… Continue Reading →

Skill and Art are two sides of an Inequation.

Mathematically speaking, an Inequation is a statement that brings out the inequality between two values. So a value may be greater than, less than, or not equal to another value. I believe that art may be greater than, less than,… Continue Reading →

Raison de l’art – Why art? (A Reflection on Contemporary Art)

Difficult questions must be asked. They may not always fetch an answer. Yet, it’s our responsibility to ask those questions. Why art? This is a question that all artists must ask themselves. Why must we draw, sketch and paint? Is… Continue Reading →

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