Time has a way of changing our perception. Each new day drops a bunch of fresh experiences into the brew of our schema and changes our interpretations. What we saw when we looked at a work of art five years ago would appear a lot different from what would see in it if we look at it now. And it will change again, and again…because the lenses of experience change with time.

One of the painting in the show is about time and what it brings along. I wrote a few lines to express what I feel about it.

Everywhere and for everyone
Time costs just the same
Buy an hour for a tiny wrinkle
Spend it on something sinful

Buy a day for an unsightly crinkle
Use it to fall in love a little
The lines drawn by time stay
blissfully hidden from loving eyes

The time spent with a smile
Stretches to fill the gaps in our lives
Everywhere and for everyone
Time costs just the same

It’s this fluidity of time that brings variations into the most static of lives.

As I look back at my journey of art, I find my own art speaking to me in a different manner. My upcoming show, “Amor Fati” at AIFACS, New Delhi is special. For one, I return to the roots. To the place where I had my first ever show. I know I’ll return again…and again. For me, it feels rooted into tradition, in a time when history was turning its side. I love the people there, as much as I love being there. Peace descends upon you when you enter the gates of AIFACS.

As I present my works here, I feel peaceful. I feel grateful too for the patrons who’ve bought my works, and for the lovely thinkers who’ve spent hours with my paintings, the same as I have.