“Fate or destiny is a succession of outcomes that we often do not plan for. When we select our destination and decide upon a path that we believe would take us there, the hand of fate often wrenches control. A new acquaintance, an old associate, an unplanned event or even a hidden secret, becomes an agent of fate.

Without fate manifesting its twists and turns, there won’t be stories to tell, mysteries to unfold, love to find, thrill to experience. Without fate, life would turn into an unremarkable tedious existence. Loving fate thus is loving life in its numerous colors; loving fate is also about fighting it now and then, if needed, giving in graciously.

Fate tears through our lives and leaves gaping holes. It then returns with the needle of time, and darns them. Life then shimmers – sequined, embroidered, brocaded…the holes now remain only in memories. Without fate life would be a dull and uniform expanse of time.

Sometimes, when you love fate, fate returns your love. As you live, break, heal, and grow through your experiences, your relationship with fate changes.”

The 35 works presented in this collection are in some way connected to fate and speak of the how and why of our love for fate.

I find myself looking forward to the experience as always. For me, the shows are a connection between the paintings and those whose stories they tell, and to be a part of this beautiful relationship is a surreal experience.