Art isn’t a destination but a journey. All artists start somewhere in their past, and they move towards an undefined future. They are Buddhists – living in the moment, seldom planning their future, always wondering if their next work would be their masterpiece.

I am quite the same. Experimenting, failing, trying another way to get there, somewhere. I am as undefined and non-definitive as my goal. And yet, in one way, I am a little different. Without any conscious effort from me, my life divides itself into writing days and painting days – and while on my painting days, I lose myself in colors and canvas; on my writing days, I’m more grounded and fairly logical.

I believe that it’s impossible to know someone, if you don’t see them from all angles. In bad light, a profile shot misses out the details that could tell you what the person would look like from the front, and vice-versa. To truly know someone, you must know their whole personality, and so I couldn’t say that I know myself well enough to introduce you to the true me.

But for whatever it is worth, since you are here looking for the artist…

Her next exhibition is due at The Palm Court Gallery, India Habitat Center (it was scheduled for May 2020 but got postponed due to the pandemic.) If you’d like to be informed about her upcoming shows, please subscribe to be notified.

And yes, that was me, speaking of me in the third person. (Of course, the writer has taken over. Why else?)

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