Art isn’t a destination but a journey. All artists start somewhere in their past, and they move towards an undefined future. They are Buddhists – living in the moment, seldom planning their future, always wondering if their next work would be their masterpiece.

I am quite the same. Experimenting, failing, trying another way to get there, somewhere. I am as undefined and non-definitive as my goal. And yet, in one way, I am a little different. Without any conscious effort from me, my life divides itself into writing days and painting days – and while on my painting days, I lose myself in colors and canvas; on my writing days, I’m more grounded and fairly logical.

I believe that it’s impossible to know someone, if you don’t see them from all angles. In bad light, a profile shot misses out the details that could tell you what the person would look like from the front, and vice-versa. To truly know someone, you must know their whole personality, and so I couldn’t say that I know myself well enough to introduce you to the true me.

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