Art is limbic.

It arises out of feelings and spreads upon the canvas.

The need to fit it into a structure it doesn’t exist.

When we think of stuff like the rule of thirds, we try to game the creation of art. When someone asks you not to center an image so that it looks spontaneous – it isn’t spontaneous anymore – it’s being designed to appear spontaneous. There’s a possibility that the centered image that was spontaneous would tug at more heartstrings than an image that consciously de-centered to appear spontaneous and arty.

My promise to me is that I will paint the picture that is born of my feelings – without any thought to design – and if it still doesn’t “appear” to follow the spirit of art, then it’s the matter for the critics to investigate.

Image Credits:
A slice of “Reborn” (Medium: Oil, Dimensions: 2.5 feet x 4 feet, Artist: Shafali R. Anand)