This is a trick question.

You say Yes to it, you hang; you say No, you drown.

I “think” that art cannot exist without thought, and when we say that we draw what we feel, and that art is born in emotions, we unwittingly agree to the fact that art must be nurtured in the womb of thought.

The artist in me thinks that emotions are thoughts that run wild and feelings are thoughts in auto-mode. We can’t feel or emote if we don’t think, and if we don’t feel or emote, we don’t create art.

I feel that art builds a connection between the artist and the art-lover – if it doesn’t do that, it isn’t art. Such art that reaches out and connects with another soul, can’t be created without thought (and it’s okay if I hang for saying it.)

Image: An 8″x6″ window into a 4ft x 2.5ft diptych. Medium: Oils. Title: “Chain.” Artist: Shafali R. Anand