Now that I have a site that’s dedicated to art, I wonder what I should be writing about here. Should I be writing about art and artists, and if I should, then should I talk about those who are now no more, or those who are still writing their stories – of success, of struggle, of failure? Or should I write about the artist that lives within me and the art that she creates?

I am not sure what I’d be writing about, but I am confident that it surely won’t be anything that I should be writing about. Not that I am an iconoclast or even a rebel. No. I’m not any of those. I’m only an artist who wants to let her brush paint what it wants, and a writer who would love to let her words tell the stories they want.

And yet, more often than not, we artists end up doing things we shouldn’t do, or things that we don’t want to do. This is why, I have absolutely no idea what I would be posting here. All I know is that it would all be written and posted on the spur-of-the-moment. I don’t intend to create a persona that isn’t mine. I hope that I don’t end up projecting the image of a serious intellectual attempting to capture the essence of our world today – because that isn’t what I think I am built to do.

But then, it doesn’t matter. The “who” doesn’t matter. The “why” doesn’t matter. I don’t, consciously ask existential questions (the writer in me sometimes does though.) I don’t look for answers and yet… sometimes the answers present themselves to me. For instance, I can’t live without writing or painting – so it’s quite possibly the answer to my existential question. An answer that life threw into my face, even though I wasn’t asking the question.

We’ll see what I end up doing with this site or the writing site. We’ll also witness how the writer and the painter interfere in each other’s work, and still reside within me in harmony (most of the times.)

If for some or no reason, you’d like to read and see what I post here, please be my guest.

Image: A tiny rectangle from my painting “Offering.” (Medium: Oil, Size: 5 ft x 4 ft.)